LWVMZC Newsletter


Make sure you check out the League’s Vote411.org website and follow the directions below. Or you can enter your information and try Vote411 on our website, lwvmontezuma.org.

Beyond being able to check out your personal voting information, you can find the answers that local, state and national candidates have given to League submitted questions. Encourage others to go to the web site!

1. Go to www.VOTE411.org on your Internet browser.
2. Enter your personal address information.
3. When the next section opens, click “Get your personalized ballot and candidate information”.
4. Verify your location and click “Continue”.
5. There are different pages for each office you will be voting on. Click on the candidate to get their answers. If you click on a second candidate, there will be a side−by−side comparison.

A link to the Vote411 is also available on the Montrose League website. Thanks to Karen Connor for notifying local candidates and encouraging them to participate.