LWVMZC Newsletter

Co−President’s Message

This year the League Day weekend in Denver was wonderful for Chris and me. The drive to and from Cortez was exceptionally beautiful with fall foliage color! The east side of Wolf Creek Pass took the prize!

Then League Day itself with over 160 participants was the best attended and was the most engaging and informative ever that I have attended over the past five years.

Elisabeth MacNamara, LWVUS president continued her explanation of Voter suppression that she had spoken about at the reception for her the evening before. I sat next to her for dinner where she continued to share with the LWVCO Board. What an impressive, informed leader we have! Her zeal for League and its policy issues is matched by her red hair and passionate personality.

Gerry Cummins gave a synopsis of three ballot issues in Colorado and spoke about the LWVCO Ballot Issue Pamphlet for which 700 Leaguer volunteer hours contributed, a pro/con booklet in plain language for individual leagues to distribute.

Robert Semro of The Bell Policy Center talked about the Affordable Care Act: “After the Supreme Court” and how it all works. His excellent and informative presentation is available on the LWVCO web site and referred to in another section of this newsletter. Check the LWVCO website for great information on health care, which was presented at League Day. http://www.lwvcolorado.org/education−project.html

Lisa Weil talked about “Year of the student” www.2013forstudents.org. The Year of the Student is a collaboration of thousands of individuals and over 100 diverse partners demanding that the legislature make education funding their top priority in 2013. “Quality education for Colorado students is the foundation for individual opportunity, vibrant communities and a strong economy.” The program she initiated has great potential to bring strong and effective focus to Colorado’s educational funding needs. Our Board will be discussing how our local League becomes a local leader with this organization.

We enjoyed our stay in Denver with Bobbie Heisterkamp who was a great host and conservationist, and president elect of LWVCO.

We brought from the LWVCO office to Cortez 2000 English and 400 Spanish LWVCO 2012 Ballot Issue Pamphlets, paid for by Empire Electric. Mitchell Toms Chris Foran and Denis Boon distributed most of the pamphlets! Many thanks to them.

At League Day the Fracking white papers and consensus questions were published. I have been a member of the LWVCO Fracking Committee and will be organizing the local study effort, which will feed LWVCO Board our consensus regarding further study and advocacy.

We received a $1500 grant from state to help our League pay for state meetings. Next year I encourage several of you attend League Day with me. Mark your 2013 calendar now − it is always scheduled for the last day in September and well worth the effort to attend. I’ll also be encouraging attendance at Leadership Retreat in June, too.

Be sure to encourage voters to access www.VOTE411 and to input zip code for online candidate and ballot issue information. You can find more information about VOTE411 in this newsletter.

We have sponsored two candidate forums in Cortez with an exceptional turn out at Vista Mesa. The older folks listened well and were well engaged in the forum. The October 6 candidate forum was not as well attended. Thoughts were that a beautiful Saturday afternoon was not conducive for being inside, and that many already know how they cast their vote. Mail in ballots and early voting begins soon! Thanks to Judy Schuenemeyer for moderating the October 6 forum! Our League will be speaking to service clubs about the Colorado ballot issues. Our League sponsored a ballot issue forum for September 13.

Locally, stay informed about bond issues for Montezuma−Cortez and Dolores Schools. Mancos also has a fiscal initiative.

This is membership renewal month!

Please help Betty Janes and Denis Boon by mailing Denis your renewal check. See the back page in this newsletter for information and send (or give) your check to Denis Boon. Dues are $50 ($80 for two members at single household). This covers the cost of our local League’s pledge to the National LWVUS and LWVCO for their work for us. The financial support of our local league activities, including the newsletter and other publications, registration for workshops and special projects, comes from member donations above the $50.00 level. We appreciate any donations in excess of the dues. Thank you for your consideration. Dues levels are as follows: Member and Friend $50.00 (basic dues) and Supporting $60.00. We do not expect all members to be active, but increased membership is a necessity for our League if is to continue to be effective in Montezuma County.

— Jodi Foran