LWVMZC Newsletter

It’s League Membership Renewal Season

The LWVMZC Membership Drive is underway and we hope you will renew your membership. A letter regarding membership renewal and a list of “opportunities” for member involvement, will arrive in your “snail” mail box later this month. This next year will be a busy one and we’ll need your help and support to bring our community information about all of the election issues.

Last year we held meetings to inform ourselves about what’s happening in the State Legislature, at Southwest Memorial Hospital, and in our schools. We also participated in the League’s national study on the role of the federal government in public education. This year we’ll be holding a number of forums prior to the election. Starting in January we’ll bring you several informative presentations about local issues. We always welcome your suggestions of topics and/or speakers for these sessions.

Two years ago we had less than 20 members. Now we have close to 30 members. We want to continue growing and serve our community with informed discussions. Your support makes this possible. Please fill out the membership form included in this newsletter and return it with your dues to Treasurer Denis Boon.