LWVMZC Newsletter

Fracking Committee Needs You!

The Study’s Purpose: To investigate the impact of the practice of hydrofracturing for natural gas, oil and methane on the State of Colorado and its citizens, and to discern what public policies are in place or need to be in place for the activity.

Jodi Foran a member of LWVCO Board and state Fracing Study will facilitate the study in Montezuma County. Any citizen can participate in the study, but only members of the League can participate in the consensus that the state board will use to determine positions and advocacy on Fracking in Colorado. Such positions will be the basis of local League action and advocacy.

The League of Women Voters State Fracking study Committee has published Study Materials on its web site www.lwvcolorado.org which includes the following written by the Committee: Background papers, Consensus questions. Glossary, list of chemicals used in fracing, web links.

The following are the dates when the Fracking Committee will meet:

Mon, Oct 29 Fracking Committee, 5 pm at Mesa Brewery
Mon, Nov 28 Fracking Committee, 5 pm at Main Brewery
Mon, Jan 28 Fracking Committee, 5 pm at Main Brewery
Mon, Feb 28 Fracking Committee, 5 pm at Main Brewery

State deadlines for the study:

2/13/2013 Local Board Approval
2/15/2013 Consensus report to LWVCO
3/1/2013 Study Committee proposed statement
3/6/2013 LWVCO Board Approval
5/11/2013 LWVCO Convention acceptance