Summary of Accomplishments, October 2010

While the LWV of Montezuma County is a small grass roots organization only three years charted by the national League, our local league has been able to establish a presence in Montezuma County and to encourage informed and active participation in government for both our members and County citizens.

Voter Service

  • Informing the electors is a core and traditional focus of the League, an ongoing activity.
  • The League has organized well-attended Candidate Forums in 2010 and 2011.
  • Members spoke to various groups regarding 2010 ballot issues.
  • LWV of Montezuma County initiated the Southwest Advocacy Taskforce, (SWAT) a broader Montezuma and Dolores counties collaboration to inform and advocate against the ballot initiatives.
  • We made twelve informational presentations to community groups on Colorado ballot issues in 2008 and have plans to make at least the same number of presentations in 2010.
  • We raised funding to provide 2700 ballot issue pamphlets in 2010.
  • We held Legislative Lowdown forums with our legislators that were standing room only.
  • We participated in Teen Maze using a post experience “vote” and used actual county provided voting booths.
  • Our website had links for various election web sites.
  • We encouraged teachers at our three high schools to use League developed curriculum on the Presidential 2008 election printed for us by the Cortez Journal.
  • We participated in M-CHS voter information program.
  • Environment

  • We received a LVUS grant to sponsor the visit of Dr. Kristen Averyt, IPCC scientist who helped to write its report. Dr. Averyt detailed the scientific process of gathering and analyzing data regarding climate change. She emphasized the results of the enormous efforts of international scientists to understand climate change due to man’s activity.
  • During Dr. Averyt’s visit, she spoke at three high schools about science as a career for women and visited local water managers.
  • The League collaborated with Montezuma Climate Action Network to bring Patrick Cummins, Program Director: Climate Change and Air Quality of the Western Governors Association.
  • We have proposed to EPA a new position for the Four Corners Area to singularly focus and prioritize efforts for the three EPA regional offices that oversee the Area.
  • The League sent thirteen pages of scientific comments regarding the Desert Rock Power Plant.
  • We have testified on the Desert Rock Power Plant and the need to scrub the two older power plants that continue to pollute Montezuma County air shed.
  • We insisted that the Colorado Health Department to install an ozone monitor on the County Annex building.
  • We collaborate and attend meetings regionally with other environmental organizations committed to clean air and water, renewable energy and sustainability of our quality of life.
  • Health Care

  • Health care legislation and action is a concern of several of our members. We have continued to monitor national and state reform efforts.
  • We initiated an effort with LWV LaPlata to sponsor an October, 2009 Forum on the health problems associated with poor air quality, particularly in the Four Corners Area where the coal fired power plants have impacted us.
  • We conducted a study of 1500 Montezuma and Dolores County residents regarding access to physicians and quality of care.
  • We held two forums regarding our hospitals districts and governing bodies for the public.
  • We held three public meetings regarding the need for health care reform.
  • Collaboration with Other Organizations

  • In spite of our small size, the LWV of Montezuma County has found that it can have an incredible impact on our community by not only offering our own events, but also working with other groups when they share similar positions.
  • We have joined a countywide group for information sharing purposes.
  • We alert our members to meetings and activities of other environmental, health and planning groups.
  • We have provided the various groups with a form to complete when observing an open meeting.
  • We had 78−percentage participation by our members in at least one of our activities.
  • About Us Total Membership: 26

    The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, promotes informed and active participation in government, influences public policy through education, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. The League of Women Voters of Montezuma County is part of the LWVUS and LWVCO.

    We welcome a diverse active and non−active membership!