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LWVCO Legislative Letter Link

The following is about the Colorado League Legislative Letter availability on their website.

“The LWVCO Legislative Letter is made possible by the hard work of our dedicated Legislative Action Committee volunteers, along with Chris Watson, our staff lobbyist, the LWVCO office, and the support of all of you who donate to the LWVCO Lobby Fund and subscribe to the Legislative Letter. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to producing this important publication.

If you find this letter to be useful, and would like to share it with others, we ask that you send the URL link to the LWVCO website instead of forwarding the Legislative Letter:


At our website all the letters are available for download within 2−3 days of publication, and we offer the opportunity to become a subscriber or make a donation to support the ongoing production of the Legislative Letter. Thank you.”

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Co−President’s Message

This year the League Day weekend in Denver was wonderful for Chris and me. The drive to and from Cortez was exceptionally beautiful with fall foliage color! The east side of Wolf Creek Pass took the prize!

Calendar, October-December, 2012

The next few months of our planned activities


Make sure you check out the League’s Vote411.org website and follow the directions below. Or you can enter your information and try Vote411 on our website, lwvmontezuma.org.

Call for Advocates to be part of Legislative Action Committee

Sally Augden, LWVCO Board Member and Chair of LWVCO Legislative Action Committee emphasizes the need for Montezuma participation on the Committee.

Fracking Committee Needs You!

The Study’s Purpose: To investigate the impact of the practice of hydrofracturing for natural gas, oil and methane on the State of Colorado and its citizens, and to discern what public policies are in place or need to be in place for the activity.

Cortez Heart & Soul

Community Advisory Team Meeting and Work Session - Minutes

It’s League Membership Renewal Season

The LWVMZC Membership Drive is underway and we hope you will renew your membership. A letter regarding membership renewal and a list of “opportunities” for member involvement, will arrive in your “snail” mail box later this month. This next year will be a busy one and we’ll need your help and support to bring our community information about all of the election issues.

Membership Application and Renewal Form

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Our Board

Our Board for 2012 with contact information.

State and National

Toolkit for the Affordable Care Act: Resources for Public Education

Materials on the Affordable Care Act, its implementation in the states and benefits to individuals and small businesses are available from many sources. Additionally, there are knowledgeable individuals in Colorado who may be called upon to answer questions or make presentations to groups.

League Comments on Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Rule

LWVUS sent a range of comments to the Bureau of Land Management regarding a proposed rule that would regulate hydraulic fracturing on public land and Indian land.

League President Testifies on Capitol Hill on Voting Rights

On September 12, 2012, LWVUS President MacNamara testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “the Citizens United Court and the Continuing Importance of the Voting Rights Act.”

LWVUS on Environment
From President Elisabeth MacNamara

Defending the Clean Air Act: The League joined with the environmental community in sending two letters to the U.S. House of Representatives in defense of the Clean Air Act.

League Opposes H.R. 5912; Calls for Reform of Presidential Funding System    LWVUS Website

Vote No on Cole Bill H.R. 5912; Support H.R. 414 To Reform Presidential Funding System

Resolution Passed Regarding Citizen’s Advocacy Work

At National Convention, the following resolution was adopted. Here is our chance to commit and act on it.

On the Road: Colorado
September 25, 2012 | by Elisabeth MacNamara | Tags: Secretary of State Scott Gessler, election 2012, President’s Travel
    LWVUS Website

“At the end of last week, refreshed from a few short days at home in Georgia, I hit the road again this time on a two state swing starting in Colorado and wrapping up in Missouri. In Colorado, I continued to meet with our partner organizations...

Other News

Older Posts

LWVMZC Comments to CO Air Quality Board
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Wednesday June 15, 2011, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Doubletree Hotel
501 Camino Del Rio
Durango, Colorado 81301

  • Comments will be in the order you sign in - 'first come first served'.
  • Best to have something written you could leave with them.
  • Comments by the League of Women Voters of Montezuma County.
  • Agenda - They WILL take comments, regardless of the up−front statement in the agenda.
  • Posted June 11,2011

    Forest Service Public Comment Opportunities

    A series of open houses and hearings will be held over the next few weeks for the public to learn more about the Boggy−Glade Roads and Trails proposals and provide comments to the Forest Service.

    • Wed, June 22: Open House Cortez High School Foyer, anytime between 5 and 8 pm
    • Thur, June 23: Open House Dove Creek School Commons, anytime between 5 and 8 p.m.
    • Tues, June 28: Public Hearing Cortez High School Foyer, sign in 6:30-7 p.m., hearing begins at 7 and ends at 9 p.m.
    • Wed, June 29 Public Hearing Dove Creek School Commons, sign in 6:30-7 p.m., hearing begins at 7 and ends at 9 p.m.

    The public is invited to read information online at: http://www.fs.usda.gov/goto/sanjuan/projects

    Posted June 14,2011
  • LWVMZC Letter to New Mexico Environment Board

    Reference: Hearings in EIB 11−01 Proposed Revisions to the NM State Implementation Plan for Regional Haze and 11−02 Proposed revisions to State Implementation Plan to Satisfy requirements of Clean Air Act 1 110(a)(2) (D) (i) (II0 with respect to visibility.

    Comments from League of Women Voters of Montezuma County, CO

    Thank you for the opportunity for League of Women Voters of Montezuma County, Colorado to comment to the Environmental Improvement Board regarding the proposed revisions to the NM State Implementation Plan for Regional Haze and revisions to Satisfy requirements of the Clean Air Act. Montezuma County is one of the Four Corner counties and is the location of Mesa Verde National Park and the Ute Mountain Tribal Park. Prevailing winds carry pollutants from the San Juan Generating Station coal−fired power plant to our county.

    Click here to read the complete letter

  •     Hickenlooper EPA Letter re. New Mexico Power San Juan Generating Station BART proposal.
    Posted 4−9−2011

  • Updated 4/15!    LWVMZC BART Comments to EPA Mr. Guy Donaldson, Chief
    Air Planning Section (6PD-L)
    Environmental Protection Agency
    1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200
    Dallas, TX 75202-2733

    Subject: Comments for EPA Docket No. EPA-R06-OAR-2010-0846

    Dear Mr. Donaldson

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Federal Implementation Plan for Interstate Transport of Pollution Affecting Visibility and Best Available Retrofit Technology regarding the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS). We are pleased that the Environmental Protection Agency Region VI Dallas is actively evaluating the SJGS and developing a strategy under which 1.) The Plant will no longer release air pollution that allows interstate interference with visibility and our treasured views in southwestern Colorado, and 2.) The Plant will significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. The EPA is to be congratulated for preparing an extremely professional and thorough case supporting its proposals. We support the proposed EPA rule. click for more...

    Click here to read the cover letter.
    Updated Comments Below 4/15!
    Click here for the actual comments (by Eric Janes)

  • EPA Vote Alert!   Take action

    For decades the EPA has protected the health of children, seniors and all the rest of us from dangerous pollutants through the Clean Air Act. In just the last twenty years, carbon monoxide, which negatively affects those with heart and lung diseases, has been cut by seventy percent.


    1. Contact your Representative now and tell him or her to oppose any legislation that would block or prevent action to clean up our air and protect the most vulnerable Americans. You can also call your Representative at 202−225−3121.

    2. Send this alert to other concerned citizens −− your grassroots network, your friends and coworkers. Encourage them to contact their elected leaders.

    League of Women Voters
    1730 M Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20036

    The House of Representatives has unveiled a spending bill that will roll back and defund programs that control life-threatening pollution. This legislation will effectively stop the EPA from protecting America’s most vulnerable groups, such as seniors and children, in favor of protecting the bottom line of big polluters.

    Take action now to tell your Representative to oppose any legislation that would block or prevent action to clean up our air and protect the most vulnerable Americans.
    − Posted 2/28/2011

  • Updated Rulemaking Status re. Four Corners Power Plant Emissions by Eric Janes − Posted 1/10/2011 The latest updated and summarized status of the EPA rulemaking regarding emissions control requirements for the Four Corners Power Plants by Eric Janes, LWVMZC Air Quality Committee member
  • EPA page on Navajo Generating Station Proposed Actions
    Four Corners Power Plant

    October 6, 2010 − Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Best Available Retrofit Technology Determination for Four Corners Power Plant

    EPA proposes to cut NOx emissions at nation’s largest source, Four Corners Power Plant
    ... Read More
  • Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming By JUDAH COHEN
    Published: December 25, 2010

    THE earth continues to get warmer, yet it’s feeling a lot colder outside. Over the past few weeks, subzero temperatures in Poland claimed 66 lives; snow arrived in Seattle well before the winter solstice, and fell heavily enough in Minneapolis to make the roof of the Metrodome collapse; and last week blizzards closed Europe’s busiest airports in London and Frankfurt for days, stranding holiday travelers. The snow and record cold have invaded the Eastern United States, with more bad weather predicted.

    (read more)
  • BART Comment Period Extension and Public Hearing Delay Letter
  • Disrespect for league harms democracy Capital Times editorial ¦ Posted: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 5:00 am

    The League of Women Voters, founded 90 years ago as an extension of the women’s suffrage movement, has worked harder and longer than any other group in the United States to ensure that this country’s elections are fair, that citizens can engage, and that the promise of American democracy will be fully realized.

    Historically, candidates of all parties have respected and worked with the league.

    (read more)
  • Plans for coal−fired power plant cause stir in NM

    Some generators may be shut down

    The Associated Press November 10, 2010, 8:22AM ET


    For decades, the coal−fired Four Corners Power Plant has been sitting in far northwestern New Mexico, churning out electricity for families across the Southwest and pumping out millions of tons of carbon emissions and other pollutants.

    It has been a popular target for environmentalists, but yet it has always been just out of reach for New Mexico regulators because of its location on the Navajo reservation.

    (read more)
  • Judge Suspends Navajo Mining Permit By MIREYA NAVARRO
    November 1, 2010, 5:11 pm

    In a significant legal victory for Navajo campaigners, a federal judge has voided a permit for the expansion of one of two operating mines on the Navajo reservation, calling for a more thorough review of the project’s impact on the environment and on cultural sites.

    In a decision issued Friday, Judge John L. Kane of United States District Court for the District of Colorado ordered the federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, part of the federal Department of Interior, to reassess the proposed expansion of the Navajo Mine on tribal land in New Mexico.

    (read more)
  • Navajos Hope to Shift From Coal to Wind and Sun By MIREYA NAVARRO
    Published: October 25, 2010

    BLUE GAP, Ariz. − For decades, coal has been an economic lifeline for the Navajos, even as mining and power plant emissions dulled the blue skies and sullied the waters of their sprawling reservation.

    But today there are stirrings of rebellion. Seeking to reverse years of environmental degradation and return to their traditional values, many Navajos are calling for a future built instead on solar farms, ecotourism and microbusinesses.

    (read more)
  • EPA proposes pollution controls for nation’s largest source of NOx: Four Corners Power Plant SAN FRANCISCO − Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed requiring additional pollution controls for the Four Corners Power Plant located on the Navajo Nation near Farmington, New Mexico to improve visibility and human health. EPA’s proposal will require plant operators to install the most stringent pollution control technology available for this type of facility. These controls will reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from approximately 45,000 tons per year to 9,000 tons per year.
  • Our Accomplishments
  • LWVCO Ballet Issue 2010 Pamphlet Including Constitutional Initiatives 60, 61 and 101.
  • LWVCO’s Positions on Ballot Issues
  • Great News! The LWVCO Voter Guide 2010 is now live at www.vote411.org To access: Go to www.vote411.org
    Under ON YOUR BALLOT selection box to the far right
    Choose Colorado / GO
    Enter your address / GO
    Follow the directions to select candidates and print out a sample ballot.
    It's fun and easy!
  • Birthright Citizenship in the United States: A Global Comparison By the Center for Immigration Studies

  • 2010 Climate Conference: Managing for Resiliency in the San Juan Mountains−Adaptation and Planning for Climate Change The Mountain Studies Institute and other partners are sponsoring a 2010 Climate Conference: Managing for Resiliency in the San Juan Mountains−Adaptation and Planning for Climate Change. The conference will be held in Silverton, CO, October 7-9, 2010. For more information please go to the conference website.
    Click to
  • Letter to the EPA from LWVMZC and LWVLAPLATA "The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Colorado (CO) has worked to protect both the quality and quantity of our water resources since the 1950´s. We believe that our natural resources should be managed as interrelated parts of life supporting ecosystems and that the pollution of these resources should be controlled in order to preserve those ecosystems and protect public health."
  • Presentation by Jeannette Hillary, chair of the LWVCO Legislative Action Committee, of the EPA Frac´ing letter from LWVMZC and LWVLAPLATA "The League of Women Voters of Colorado is pleased that the EPA´s Office of Research and Development will be conducting a scientific study to investigate the possible relationships between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water."
  • LWVMZC´s response to Enivonmental Assessment of Kinder Morgan mining CO2 on the Canyon of the Ancients.
    Reference: Environmental Assessment CO-800-2009-043, Kinder Morgan Proposed Goodman Point Development Project

    Dear Mr. Rice,

    The League of Women Voters of Montezuma County has the following comments and concerns on the subject Environmental Assessment for Kinder Morgan´s proposed six new wells for carbon dioxide extraction and associated pipeline system.

    Click to read more
  • Marcia Angell on Obama´s Health Care

    Dr. Marcia Angell, a single-payer advocate, doesn´t think there´s much in the President´s plan to feel good about. But it´s not just the particular version that she objects to − rather that the bill doesn´t address what´s fundamentally wrong with the American health care system.

  • EPA Four Corners Position!! −−−−>See the description and links in the right sidebar.
  • Ozone Readings in Cortez − Real Time !! Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides ozone readings for the past 12 hours. See right sidebar.
  • Ozone Readings in Cortez − Long Term Table. See right sidebar. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment table of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th maximum 8hr average ozone readings as well as 3 year average of 4th maximum values.
  • Celebration of the
    League of Women Voters 90thAnniversary

    The League of Women Voters of Montezuma County will celebrate the 90th anniversary with a cake cutting at the general meeting "Legislative Lowdown" for interested public on Saturday, February 20 at 2 P.M. in the Calvin Denton Room of Empire Electric Association, 801 N. Broadway, Cortez. Our State Senator, Bruce Whitehead and Representatives Ellen Roberts and Scott Tipton are invited to discuss 2010 Colorado Legislative efforts and issues.

  • About the League of Women Voters 90thAnniversary

    The League of Women Voters (LWV), a nonpartisan political organization that works to improve our system of government and impact public policies through citizen education and advocacy, is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2010. Not coincidentally, the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution that gave women the right to vote celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2010, as well.

    "The women who started the movement to give women the right to vote really didn´t know where it would end, how it would end, or when it would end," said League of Women Voters president, Mary G. Wilson. "And yet they persevered. They persevered in a time when it wasn´t fashionable for women to speak out on any issue − let alone try to get some rights for themselves. They worked against all odds − and succeeded."

  • Mountain Studies Institute Feb 2010 Newsletter
  • American Values and Health Care Reform from the New England Journal of Medicine
  • Sustainability Study Documents The LWVCO Sustainability Study will start soon. More background documents have recently been added and may be found here.
  • "Great Decisions" Discussion Groups Starting Great Decisions discussion groups focus on the Great Decisions briefing book. This well researched annual publication provides eight timely global topics read by group participants prior to meetings, in order to guarantee that all discussion group members come together from the same point of reference, with the same facts and basic understanding of the issues to be discussed. Everyone is encouraged to share his or her thoughts and each participant's point of view carries equal weight.
    In conjunction with the League of Women Voters of Montezuma County two Great Decision Discussion Groups have been formed. Meetings to discuss 2009 topics will be held at the Mancos Library (533−7600) and to discuss the 2010 topics at the Dolores Library (882−4666). Attend both groups to discuss all 16 topics!!
    Click the links below to view the topics.
  • Contact the above phone numbers or Jodi Foran, President, for more information. 882−2401 president@lwvmontezuma.org

  • LWVUS health care white papers

    Health Care Education Background Papers
    The Health Care Education background papers examine various questions. State and local Leagues may use these papers as bases for their own discussion and as reprints in League newsletters.

    (read more)
  • Desert Rock funding request rejected by Dale Rodebaugh
    Herald Staff Writer
    Article Last Updated; Thursday, December 10, 2009 12:24AM

    Developers of the proposed Desert Rock power plant on the Navajo Nation reservation near Farmington have lost their bid for $450 million in stimulus money to install an expensive carbon−capture system in the facility, which would be the third coal−fired power plant in the Four Corners.

    The proponents, the Navajo Nation and Sithe Global, in April were stripped of the air−quality permit they were granted in the summer of 2008 by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    (read more)
  • The LWVMZC letter to the EPA regarding our local power plants is now available here.
  • Think Before You Ink
    LWVCO is encouraging the public to be cautious during this period of circulation of initiative petitions.

  • Senator Whitehead speaks to LWVMZC Senator Whitehead spoke to LWVMZC
    On Sat, October 17, Senator Whitehead spoke at the Pondeosa Restaurant in Dolores. He brought us up to date on many issues being considered, including water issues.

    New links to the latest Climate Change science

    Some presented at the "Dealing with Drought — Adapting to Climate Change" workshop in Durango Oct 22, 2009.
    "Dealing With Drought" Workshop's Home Page
  • Western Water Assessment's "Dealing with Drought — Adapting to a Changing Climate" Workshop Home page Overview

    The WWA, in conjunction with the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), presented the "Dealing with Drought-Adapting to a Changing Climate" workshop series during October in three locations around Colorado. These workshops built on themes and information from the October 2008 Governor’s Conference on Managing Drought and Climate Risk. The 80 participants represented diverse sectors and interests affected by drought and climate, including water resource management, agriculture, land-use planning, forest and range management, watershed protection, environmental organizations, and tourism & recreation.

    (read more)
  • Summary Reports
  • WWA Intermountain West Climate Summary

    The Intermountain West Climate Summary (IWCS) provides the latest climate information in a simple compact document aimed at water managers, planners and policy makers with water-related interests. By improving awareness and understanding about forecasts as well as climate phenomenon, the climate summary helps WWA facilitate a dialog among potential users, researchers, and operational providers of climate information with the ultimate goal of providing enhanced climate services...(more)

  • NRCS Colorado Basin Outlook Reports (Jan-May 2009)

    June 1 Summary:


    May´s warm and dry weather patterns have contributed to an early meltout of Colorado's mountain snowpack. With nearly uninterrupted snowmelt occurring throughout May, only remnants of last winter's snowpack now remain across southern Colorado. With the early melt, streamflows have responded accordingly with earlier than normal high volumes. Seasonal volume forecasts have not changed significantly from last month in most basins. For most of the state near average spring and summer runoff is forecast, with below average runoff forecast across the southwestern portion of the state. As expected, reservoir storage has improved significantly with the early snow melt and is currently in the best condition in a decade.

  • Colorado Water Conservation Board "Climate Change in Colorado Fact Sheet"

    The scientific evidence is clear: the Earth´s climate is warming. Multiple independent measurements confirm widespread warming in the western United States.

    in Colorado, temperatures have increased by approximately 2ºF between 1977 and 2006. Increasing temperatures are affecting the state´s water resources.

    The Colorado Climate Report is a synthesis of climate change science important for Colorado´s water supply. It focuses on observed trends, modeling, and projections of temperature, precipitation, snowmelt, and runoff. The report summarizes Colorado—specific findings from peer—reviewed regional studies, and presents new graphics derived from existing datasets. The state is home to many experts in climate and hydrology, and this report also draws from ongoing work by these scientists...(more)

  • Colorado Water Conservation Board's "Climate Change in Colorado" page.

    The scientific evidence is clear: the Earth’s climate is warming. Multiple independent measurements confirm widespread warming in the western United States; in Colorado, temperatures have increased by approximately 2°F between 1977 and 2006. Increasing temperatures are affecting the state’s water resources...(more)

  • Other
  • Report looks at hidden health costs of energy production

    WASHINGTON — Generating electricity by burning coal is responsible for about half of an estimated $120 billion in yearly costs from early deaths and health damages to thousands of Americans from the use of fossil fuels, a federal advisory group said Monday.

  • Where Do Toxins in the Air Come From and How They Are Monitored

    A presentation by Mike Silverstein (PDF), Colorado Air Pollution Control Division´s deputy director and the manager of the division´s Planning and Policy Program given at the Air Quality and it´s Impact on Health Forum, October 8, 2009.

    Mike´s main area of expertise is in air quality planning, which involves working with industry, government agencies and citizens to develop plans for areas that have violated National Ambient Air Quality Standards, such as the ozone standard. Mike also leads the division´s efforts to assess air quality issues in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Four Corners region. Mike holds B.S and M.S. degrees in Geography from the University of Colorado. Prior to joining the division, Mike was an environmental scientist with the E.P.A. in Denver and an environmental consultant.

  • 2009 League Day Presentations

  • Mark Cavanaugh´s American Recovery Act Presentation (PDF)
  • Irene Aguilar´s Health Care presentation (PDF)
  • Phyllis Horney´s Fiscal Crisis write-up (PDF)
  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Try the search site All For Good. Enter your zipcode to search.
  • Check out Serve.Gov for volunteer opportunities or to register your project and request volunteer help.
  • In the News

  • Desert Rock funding request rejected by Dale Rodebaugh
    Herald Staff Writer
    Article Last Updated; Thursday, December 10, 2009 12:24AM

    Developers of the proposed Desert Rock power plant on the Navajo Nation reservation near Farmington have lost their bid for $450 million in stimulus money to install an expensive carbon−capture system in the facility, which would be the third coal−fired power plant in the Four Corners.

    The proponents, the Navajo Nation and Sithe Global, in April were stripped of the air−quality permit they were granted in the summer of 2008 by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    (read more)
  • LWVCO President on "Term Limits" Joe Hanel
    Journal Denver Bureau

    DENVER — If Democrats pick a new state senator for Southwest Colorado this year, the appointee would have plenty of company among unelected lawmakers at the state Capitol.

    Twenty—one of the 100 members of the General Assembly first won their seats by appointment, not election.

    "It's become a practice for both parties to do that so they can have an incumbent's name out there," said Patty Cordova, president of the League of Women Voters Colorado chapter...(more)

  • Comments on the Desert Rock Draft EIS submitted by LWVMZC Aug 16, 2007
  • LWVMVC Letter to EPA re Desert Rock PSD and CO2 Regulation. Eric Janes, our Environmental Chairman, has written a letter which we have sent to the EPA stating our concern regarding the EPA's removal of CO2 monitoring from the PSD.

    Read about Eric's background in our November/December, 2007, newsletter in the lefthand menu.

    Click to read the letter.

  • LWVUS Calls for Moratorium On Coal Fired Power Plants. Moratorium on New Coal-Fired Electric Power Plants Is Imperative to Address Global Warming.
    Global warming is happening, and its impacts are already being felt today.
    Click to read the article in our September Newsletter.

  • Mark Your Calendar

    See our online calendar.

    If you find problems or have suggestions, email Chris Foran (chris@foran.net)


  • Hydraulic Fracturing Background Information
  • An explanation by the EPA.

  • Baffled About Fracking? You're Not Alone
  • This NYTimes online article from May 2011 draws some useful distinctions between “fracking” and other related aspects of oil and gas drilling.

  • Fracking News
  • Recent posts on Midwest Energy News.

  • EPA Issues Fracking Rules
  • From Chemical and Engineering News.

    Colorado State League Site

  • Click here for Main LWVCO Site
  • The site has an easy menu system including Voter Information, League Information and a section For Members

    Education Study Papers

  • Education Study Concensus Questions Discussion Points
  • “Role of the Federal Government in Public Education” Study Background PapersClick to go to the LWVUS page linking the papers.
  • What is Consensus?

  • It is easier to say what consensus is not, than what it is. Consensus is...It is easier to say what consensus is not, than what it is. Consensus is not a vote; rather, consensus is mutual agreement of League members arrived at through discussion. During discussion, everyone has an opportunity to express their viewpoints, and the issue is examined from all sides. Consensus questions, created by the appropriate study committee and approved by the Board, provide structure for the meeting. Members discuss the pros and cons until it becomes apparent that consensus has/has not been reached on each question. The study committee analyzes the consensus responses and, using this information, creates a position statement.
  • Election Links

  • LWVCO 2011 Ballot Issues Pro/Con Pamphlet
  • CO. Voters Guide
  • 411Vote.org
  • LWVUS Toolkit for Climate Change

    LWVUS Toolkit for Climate Change

    Global climate change is one of the most serious threats facing our nation and our planet today. Increasingly severe consequences are projected for more people and more regions of the world unless we act now — as individual, as communities, and as a nation. For its part, the League is calling for prompt action to cut this country´s GHG emissions, freeze construction of new coal−fired power plants, invest in a new clean energy economy, and help the world´s poorest countries tackle the challenges of climate change.

    The changing climate is threatening human health and causing environmental damages

    Portal to healthcare info

    It´s a very handy resource for information that used to be difficult to find. It´s available to help millions who need insurance find it, and as a resource for those who want to shop around for new options or find out their new benefits under the new law.

    where anyone can go to find insurance options in their state.

    Candidate Forum Criteria

    Click to read newly adopted criteria for participation in LWVMZC candidate forums.

    Think Before You Ink

    Click to read this alert regarding the signing of various ballot initiative petitions.

    EPA Four Corners Position Proposal

    The League of Women Voters of LaPlata and Montezuma Counties have recently sent a letter to Lisa Jackson, Head of EPA, proposing that the agency provide the Four Corner Area with a senior position reporting to EPAUS who would encourage and help to create a system-wide approach to solving air quality problems within the Four Corners. It is hoped the new EPA Four Corners position would lead to a singular, system focus for the three EPA regions that oversee the Four Corner Area: Denver Regional office for Colorado and Utah; Dallas Regional office for New Mexico and San Fransisco office for Arizona. In addition to the letter, here are links to a summary of the proposal made to the EPA by the two Leagues of SW Colorado, and a draft description of the senior position.

    Montezuma County Air Quality

  • Ozone Readings in Cortez − Real Time !! Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides ozone readings for the past 12 hours. See right sidebar.
  • Ozone Readings in Cortez − Long Term Table. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment table of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th maximum 8hr average ozone readings as well as 3 year average of 4th maximum values.
  • Colorado Ozone Tech. Support Document Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment PDF document contains ozone requirements and a great deal of general information about areas of the state including Montezuma county. Search the document for 'Montezuma'.
  • Healthcare Action Center

  • I Am Organizing For Health Care
  • 2010 Election Schedule

  • CO LWV Election Schedule
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  • Good Reading

  • Online Read
    Mountain Studies Institutes´ 2009 San Juan Air Quality Forum Presentations

  • Online Read
    Health Care Issues Behind Health Care Reform is new (2009). The League of Women Voters of Arizona has just published this comprehensive booklet on the health care issues that are driving health care reform efforts in the U.S.

  • Online Read
    By Eleanor Revelle

  • Online Read
    Lighting the Way to a Greener Environment
    By Eleanor Revelle

  • Online Read
    The Heat Is On — Climate Change and Emerging Policies
    By Robin Tokmakian

  • Online Read
    There is no Free Lunch — But There Are Cost Effective Solutions
    By Pamela W. Person

  • Online Read
    Staying Warm and Living Green
    By Eleanor Revelle

  • Online Read
    Water — let´s use it wisely
    By Eleanor Revelle

  • Online Read
    By Eleanor Revelle

  • Must read book - Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman.

  • Global Climate Change Resources

  • CO. Center on Law and Policy Publications page
    This organization is non-partisan.

  • Why We Need Government and Government Needs Us