League of Women Voters®
of Montezuma County, Colorado
The League neither supports nor opposes
any political party or candidate for any office.

September, 2012, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

Co−President’s Message

The political season is upon us with a vengeance. Political conventions, political ads, political analysis, political pundits, political rhetoric, political jokes...... it’s endless.

Calendar, September, 2012

The next few months of our planned activities

Cortez Heart & Soul

Community Advisory Team Meeting and Work Session - Minutes

Let’s Expand with Your Help!

Our League needs new members and faces. We also need members willing to serve on committees and help with events and voter service projects.

September is Membership Renewal Month

With the election coming up this fall, our local League has many forums and activities planned to help us become informed voters.

Membership Application and Renewal Form

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Our Board

Our Board for 2012 with contact information.

State and National

From the LWVCO President, Cath Perrone
Colorado Voter August, 2012

“What did you do this summer? Knowing Leaguers, you probably traveled, read, learned, taught, explored, laughed a lot and cried a little. Revitalized, you are ready to start the League year. “Welcome Back!

Fracking Study Materials Ready at League Day 2012

Colorado Leagues will begin a state−wide Fracking Study this September when the study will be introduced at League Day, September 22, and study materials will be available for all Leagues at that time.

LWVUS Statement adopted at National regarding ‘Citizens’ and Supreme Court Ruling

“We, the representatives of local and state Leagues assembled at the 2012 LWVUS Convention, call upon the LWVUS Board to...

League Day, Saturday, September 22, 2012 (revised agenda)

Saturday, September 22th, 2012
Holiday Inn Select, 455 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80246

Vote411.org. What is it? What Does It Provide?

A wonderful opportunity to see local and national candidates’ voter information on−line!

Other News

Study: New Medicaid expansion could be a lifesaver    External Website

WASHINGTON — States that expand their Medicaid programs under President Barack Obama’s health care law may end up saving thousands of lives, a medical journal report released Wednesday indicates.

Colorado Center on Law and Policy
Health Law and Policy Update
    External Website

This week’s updates
ACA Medicaid expansion

As states continue to ponder the question of Medicaid expansion, an Associated Press article in the Denver Post this week highlights the struggles of low−income families who currently lack access to coverage and who would benefit from the expansion created under the Affordable Care Act. The article profiles a Florida family of three making $15,000 per year.