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The League neither supports nor opposes
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May, 2012, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

Co−President’s Message

What is it all about? Some days with the rhetoric of our media bombarding me, I lose my perspective regarding the benefit of our League to our country and to democracy in general. Do you?

Calendar, April, 2012

The next few months of our planned activities

Board Meeting − April 9, 2012

The Board met at the conference room at the Colorado Visitor’s Center at 9:30 am on April 9, 2012.

Heart and Soul Project of Cortez

A major event for the Community Advisory Committee occured in April when three national staff members of the Orton Family Foundation came to Cortez.

Julie Leonard is Coming to Town!

Julie Leonard, the LWVCO state office Executive Director, is coming for a visit as part or her personal effort to meet Colorado Leaguers.

2012 Annual Meeting Agenda

Our annual business meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 19 at 9:00 a.m. at the Ponderosa Restaurant in Dolores.

Membership Application and Renewal Form

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Our Board

Our Board for 2012 with contact information.

State and National

LWV Membership and Leadership Development

Communities across the country equate the League of Women Voters with “elections.” And there’s a reason: we are the organization for...

Other News

Supreme Court Arguments from New England Medical Journal

This is an interesting article and pertinent to our Annual Meeting and our League’s focus and understanding of health care and delivery.

A Hopeful Sign, Health Spending Is Flattening Out

The article (click on the title above) appeared in the New York Times, Sunday, April 29.
It details some of the reasons that the rate of growth of health care costs has slowed...

U.S. Caps Emissions in Drilling for Fuel

April 18, 2012
By JOHN M. BRODER, New York Times