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of Montezuma County, Colorado

The League neither supports nor opposes
any political party or candidate for any office.

September, 2011, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

Convenor’s Message

The League is alive and well and thriving thanks to all of you. We have combined our efforts and have had a successful year of candidate forums, ballot initiative forums, legislative reviews, various programs, and great activities.

Calendar, September−October, 2011

The next two months of our planned activities

Have You Taken the Clean Air Promise and Encouraged Friends to Join You?

“I promise to protect America’s children and families from dangerous air pollution. Because toxics and pollutants such as mercury, smog, carbon, and soot, cause thousands of hospital visits...

LWVMZC Study of the Federal Role of Education − Right Here in Montezuma County!

Jack Schuenemeyer is facilitating our League’s participation in the LWVUS study and consensus of “The Federal Role of in Education”. We hope to engage local teachers...

What is a Study?

Studies are a basic part of League program work. The purpose of a study is to educate members so they can make informed decisions. Local leagues throughout the country in...

What Should Be The Role of Federal Government in Local Public Education?

Students who move from one part of the United States to another during their K−12 school careers are likely to encounter substantial variations in...

September is Membership Renewal Month!

You will soon receive a membership renewal form in the mail with a postage paid envelope.

2011 Membership Application and Renewal Form

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Our Board

Our Board for 2011-12 with contact information.

State and National League

LWVCO Board voted to remain neutral on Initiative No. 25

The LWVCO Legislative Action Committee and LWVCO Board have had prolonged discussions and rather agonizing debates on the above initiative.

League Continues its Voter ID Education

League supports full voting participation by all eligible American citizens and opposes efforts to create new barriers that block citizen voter participation. These statistics...

Invitation from LWVCO to attend LWVCO LEAGUE DAY

Each year LWVCO sponsors LEAGUE DAY, a day that is devoted to informing League members about issues affecting Colorado. The 2011 LEAGUE DAY will be held Saturday September 24th...


September 24, 2011, Holiday Inn Select, 455 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80246

Nonprofit VOTE

LWVCO Voters Service Chair Gerry Cummins recently shared the following research assessment and conclusions that came from...

Other News

EPA hears it from America:
Time to Protect Kids and Cut Dangerous Mercury and Toxic Pollution

“In an unprecedented outpouring of support for cleaner air, Americans submitted more than 800,000 comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) supporting...”

“The Water Crisis at Home and Abroad”

The 4 sessions on the water crisis are detailed below and are sponsored by the League of Women Voters of LaPlata County and the Durango Public Library. The sessions will be held at...

Civil Disobedience

Thanks for the reminder and nudge from Greely Weld League Leaders Hazel Gibson, Kathleen Milligan and Barb Winery. This reminder appeared...