League of Women Voters®

of Montezuma County, Colorado

The League neither supports nor opposes
any political party or candidate for any office.

August, 2011, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

Spokesperson’s Message

The personal and political rhetoric and polarization and world events can certainly be disheartening at times. Those of us in the League...

Calendar, August−Sept, 2011

The next two months of our planned activities

Teen Maze Cancellation for 2011

Teen Maze is cancelled this year due to a scheduling conflict...

How Green Are We in Montezuma County? (external link)

LWVUS is partnering with www.GreenTowns.com, a sustainability−focused platform designed to promote green efforts in communities across the country. Check out the site.

Highlights from LWV of Montezuma County July Board Meeting

League member Mitchell Toms came to the Board meeting and presented an Idea of a Leadership Forum to discuss...

2011 Membership Application and Renewal Form

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Our Board

Our Board for 2011-12 with contact information.

State and National League

League Continues to Advocate for Strong Ethics Standards in Congress

In League’s continued effort to fight for strong ethics standards in the House of Representatives the League and coalition groups sent...

Keeping the Promise of Clean Air

In 1970, Congress made a promise to future generations by passing the Clean Air Act and providing a mechanism for enforcement. It is up to us...

The Clean Air Pledge

LWVUS launched a campaign recently, seeking to renew America’s promise to protect clean air and public health embodied in...