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of Montezuma County, Colorado

The League neither supports nor opposes
any political party or candidate for any office.

June, 2011, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

President’s Message

Summer is a slow time for general League meetings. However, the Board will continue to meet and to plan events for 2011−2012. LouAnn, Betty and...

Calendar, June−July, 2011

The next two months of our planned activities

2011 State Convention Report

The theme of the convention was “Leaguers Supporting Sustainability” and there were sixteen leagues from across Colorado represented at the convention. The southwest was well represented by Montezuma, La Plata, and Montrose/Delta leagues....

More on the 2011 LWVCO Convention

A new Program Study was approved “on natural resource extraction with a focus on fracking and its impact on environmental quality”

State Convention Health Care Caucus Report

At 8:00 pm on Saturday night we had a choice of caucuses to attend: Fracking, Health Care, Voters Service, and Current Direct File...

LWVCO Fracing Study Committee Needs More Participation!

The Committee will publish non−biased “white” papers for Colorado local leagues to study after which...

LWV of Montezuma “League of the Year” Nomination

Editor’s note: The letter below was written by Bobbie Heisterkamp of the LWV of Denver as a nomination for League of the Year, 2011...

Ft. Collins Visit to Envirofit International and CSU’s Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory

What an interesting and fascinating visit! Thanks to the Larimer County League for arranging the visit!

Cortez−Montezuma (RE−1) School District

The Cortez−Montezuma (RE−1) School District has been conducting a series of public meetings to inform citizens on various aspects of the proposed...

You Can Reduce LWVCO Mailing Costs

Please email the LWVCO state office at info@lwvcolorado.org that you will receive the LWVCO Voter newsletter via email thus saving the state league money.

Letter to New Mexico Enviromental Improvement Board in Farmington, June 2

Jodi Foran planned to testify for LWVMZC regarding the proposed Power of New Mexico’s counter−proposal to EPA’s proposal to use Best Available Retrofit Technology at the San Juan Generating Station to...

Teen Maze October 5 & 6

Gratefully, we acknowledge the efforts of Judy and Jack Schuenemeyer who over several years have organized LWVMZC’s efforts to support the Teen Maze experience for area middle school and high school students...

2011 Membership Application and Renewal Form

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Our Board

Our Board for 2011-12 with contact information.

State and National League

LWVUS League Urges Senators to Consider Important Principles in Budget Negotiations

The League and coalition partners sent a letter to Senators urging them to consider a number of important principles as they vote on budget proposals.

Other News

Not All Citizens’ Votes Created Equal, and Study Says It Shows in Funding

ScienceDaily (May 28, 2011) − “One person, one vote” is often the rallying cry for democratic reform, suggesting everyone should get an equal say in their government.