League of Women Voters®

of Montezuma County, Colorado

The League neither supports nor opposes
any political party or candidate for any office.

January, 2011, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

President’s Message

I would like to thank every one who has contributed to the successful activities of our League during 2010. A recent communication ...

Calendar, November,2010−January,2011

The next three months of our planned activities

Membership Renewal Past Due

Our membership fees were due at the end of the year, and we’ve had...

2011 Membership Application and Renewal Form

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League Program on January 22

Join us at the Ponderosa Restaurant in Dolores at 9am on Saturday, January 22. Cindy Bradley, Interim Director of SW Memorial Hospital, will be speaking about...

News from EPA Region 6 (Dallas)

The EPA has a latest proposed Federal Implementation Plan on the table under the Clean Air Act for the San Juan Generating Station power plan. The Plan will significantly...


Many thanks to Llois Stein for opening her home to us for a Holiday Party on December 12. There may have been more people at the event in 2009 during a raging blizzard. The food was delightful and the conversations were quite interesting. Thank you to Llois for the party.

Eleanor Kuhl
Great Decisions Volunteer Needed

During 2010 we have had two very successful discussions groups going at the Dolores Public Library and at the Mancos Public Library.

Board Meeting

The Board of the League of Women Voters of Montezuma County will meet on Monday, January 10, 2011, at 9:30 am at the conference room of the Colorado Visitor’s Center. Major topic under discussion will be an Administrative Team concept for the local league. Interested members are invited to attend the Board session.

Eleanor Kuhl

Our Board

Our Board for 2010 with contact information.

State and National League

National President’s Greeting

Thank you for all your dedicated support this past year − our 90th anniversary year. Without your commitment...

LWVColorado Position Being Reworded

The three terms − Apportionment, Reapportionment, and Redistricting − have often been confused, including in our Colorado League’s position as it is currently written...


The U.S. League position on, national and state history of and looking forward to redistricting.

LWVUS Education Study

Delegates at Convention 2010 adopted a study of the role of the federal government in public education.

Other News

New York Fracking Pause

(CNN) −− New York Gov. David Paterson has signed an executive order halting the controversial natural gas drilling process called hydraulic fracturing...

Our Neighbor New Mexico Approves First−in−the− Nation Rules to Reduce Global Warming Pollutants

The New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board today adopted the most comprehensive greenhouse gas pollution reduction regulations in the nation.