League of Women Voters®

of Montezuma County, Colorado

The League neither supports nor opposes
any political party or candidate for any office.

November-December, 2010, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

President’s Message

I am so tired of the negative campaigning. I expect you have the same feeling. Special interests have spent millions...

Calendar, November,2010−January,2011

The next three months of our planned activities

Time to Renew Membership

It’s October and once again time to renew our memberships in the League of Women Voters. We’re glad you’re a member and...

Our Local Programs for 2011

Please mark your calendar for the programs we’ll have in 2011.

Census Results

Colorado: 72%, Montezuma County: 64%. Our county residents...

EPA Response to Local Leagues’ Proposal

In early September, we received a letter from Bob Perciasepe, deputy administrator...

Holiday Party !!

Plan to join us for some holiday cheer on Sunday, December 12 at 11:30 am.

Our Board

Our Board for 2010 with contact information.

State and National League

Direct National Popular Vote

The following letters are
1) from the Board of the League of Women Voters of Arizona and
2) the National Popular Vote organization.

Voters Service

A Reminder! LWVMZC Advocacy vs Non−Partisan

League has always had a dual purpose: We must separate Advocacy and Non-Partisan Education.

LWVMZC Voters Service Activity in 2010

Thanks to all LWVMZC members who helped to distribute the LWVCO Ballot Issue pamphlets...
League members were active in the Montezuma collaboratory efforts...

Other News

Four Corners Recycling Anniversary

Four Corners Recycling Initiative, (FCRI) celebrates its two−year anniversary...

The Most Important Lecture You’ll Ever Hear

It provides a startling view of growth related to population and resource limitation problems the way few of us see it.